DJ Myke aka Micionero

DjMyke aka Micionero

Man In Skratch

On the scene since 1997, winner of several national and international competitions, both as a solo artist and with the crew Men In Skratch, DjMyke aka Micionero is an indisputable star of the italian turntablism as well as a renowned producer in the genre of urban/rap and much more.

He started his process by experimenting on the sound body, cutting and cooking it, seasoning and spicing it up, involving his body in the transformation. Changing from a mere reproduction instrument, the turntable started to live its own independent life. Eager for meat and blood, it expects a total sacrifice from the dj: undergoing a sonic butchery of cuts and clicks that tears him to shreds. His harm, broken free, can join the turntable platter in a perfect unison. A few days after, a band of stray cats has been seen around eagerly smacking their lips…

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