Mister Hips...ter

Stuck somewhere between your throat and your lungs, a detuned synth is grinding against a beat wasted on white wine : Hiccup is the « errotronic » version of Miqi O., his alcoholic and insolent alter ego, a real beathead, all bumpers battered by synthetic bass mounted on truck-size rhythmics.

Mister Hips…ter has this contagious swaying for those libertine ladies, touche by those edgy swaggy epileptic grooves, all sickened by his pony breath eructated in arpeggios. Males admire the powerful musculature of his sententious structures and recognize themselves in his little thug belly and his beard full with textures.

Long story short… Hiccup is a “poète de forum” (sic), jerky phrasing, tourette syndrome !

A zest of Sophie, a bit of  96wrld, a spoon of Cid Rim, a pinch of Dj Paypal…

Chances are : it’s gonna be some wild fun.

New EP available on monday June 13th on : unlog1.bandcamp.com

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