DJ Klever was born on the fourth of July in 1977. Before he could even walk, let alone strut, Klever was spoon-fed the world of rhythm by way of his father, famous blues musician, Juke Joint Johnny. At the age of four years old, Klever received his very first drum set, a “Manimall”. Muppet Show kit that he practiced playing until the skins busted.

Flash forward to 1997, Klever began relentlessly competing in every DJ competition possible, where he linked up with the “Third World Citizens” – Faust, Shorty, Shotgun, Craze, and T-Rock. In 2000, Klever seized the national DMC championship title and while at the international DMC competition, he was inducted into the world famous Allies crew, consisting of world-renowned turntablists Craze and A-Trak. Shortly after, Klever began traveling the globe with Craze during so, the two released a now cult classic “Scratch Nerds”. In 2001, Klever successfully defended his national DMC title. He then represented the states in London for the international title.

Klever began to produce prominent break records for battle Dj’s and producers in the early 2000′s, releasing two immensely popular battle break records with DJ SHOTGUN (former Dj for Goodie Mob), Dirty South Breaks and Get Crunk Breaks. More commercially, his talent can be also heard on various production: Rob Swift..s (X-ecutioners) album – Sound Event, Bubba Sparxxx.. – Deliverance. To NBA BALLERS 2: PHENOM.

Since early 2014 he has been rapper Yelawolf’s touring DJ, he later started working with the rapper and signed to his record label Slumerican. He is involved in the rapper’s second studio album Love Story, and has appeared to most of the single’s music videos.

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