Kypski started out as a sixfold Dutch scratching champion, but eventually followed his heart, and entered the realms of sound design, composition and music production. The turntable is his main instrument, on which his thirst for innovation and the new is expressed. He collaborates with legendary musicians in almost every thinkable genre, and has performed or dj-ed at the biggest venues in Holland and abroad. From the Paradiso, Melkweg, Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam to the Hammerstein Ballroom and Webster Hall in NYC, to the Glastonbury Festival Mainstage, to performing the openingshow for Philip Glass at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. With the top notch Matangi Quartet and, more recently, the Amstel Quartet, he performs a fusion of electronics, beats and live instrumentalists.

Known for his composition, scratching and production work in his band C-Mon & Kypski, he is now releasing plenty of solo works. Kypski released his debut solo album and android app in 2014, entitled: Wreck Fader. A psychedelic yet clubby trip through the microscopic world of the record groove. Featuring: Daedelus (Brainfeeder), D-Styles (Low End Theory), Caro Emerald, DJ DNA and DJ 4our5ive of Lil Wayne aka K La Boss of EPMD.

Now, Kypski is building his Syntablism system wich enables him to scratch any parameter of the modular synthesizer with his one of a kind melodic turntable the ‘Vestax Controller One’, and he improvises new musical pieces on the spot while doing so.

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