Smooth, organic, future beats

Nicolas Morant is a curious and versatile musician. At first trained as a child to classical music through the learning of the flute, he opens into new artistic languages as jazz or electronic music within several different bands or projects. Under the Nikitch alias, he’s been fastly supported by artists as Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garner, LeFtO and 20Syl, working with many worldwide based labels as Soulection, Ninja Tune, or even Brownwood Recordings. Pushing his musicality beyond genres or countries, he’s regularly working with several different artists like the singer Andreya Triana, the bands Tambour Battant and Submotion Orchestra, or even Dj Cam and Grems. You can find in Nikitch’s music jazz-colored chords embracing electronic music speediness, creating a unique language in which everyone could be immersed in.

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