The Cloaks

The Cloaks

Hard hitting underground anthems for the masses

The Cloaks are AWOL One and Gel Roc based out of Los Angeles Ca.
Both members are from the world renown Project Blowed crew, and also well respected within the graffiti culture. The Cloaks are produced by Awkward DJ/Producer from Bristol Uk, with cuts by long time collaborator DStyles (ISP / Beat Junkies). Together they create some hard hitting  underground anthems for the masses.

AWOL One who is also a member of The Shape Shifters has been praised by Spin Magazine as “one of the premiere voices of emo-rap”, with admiration from Vice, URB Magazine, LA Weekly Music awards, and other press outlets. His first album, the collaboration with Daddy Kev Souldoubt, quickly became seen as an L.A. underground hip hop worldwide classic.  AWOL has collaborated with everyone from Xzibit and B Real of Cypress Hill to Atmosphere and KRS One just to name a few.

Gel Roc pronounced with a hard “G” like graffiti, is a West Coast staple in the underground Hip Hop game. Known for his abrasive & witty lyrics along side his E Times 2 (EX2) and Exalt The Anti groups. He’s equally recognized as a solo artist with a handful of LP releases and notable collaborations with the likes of Abstract Rude and members of Freestyle Fellowship.

When The Cloaks are on tour or in your speakers, you are guaranteed to get a big dose of Heavyweight Raps

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